To develop all the four skills of the English language (LSRW) the following efforts are made by the teacher.

  1. Equip programme under taken by the teacher in upper primary classes i.e. VI to VIII. It is started to enrich their vocabulary/ word power by dictation to   improve their writing skill. Fruit full result is received by the teacher in all the classes.
  2. Project work assigned in group and motivated to prepare with creative thinking. It is observed that low achievers are taking more interest in completing their assignments.

  3. Students are motivated to prepare charts of verb form, appropriate use of verb in the blank space. They are also given practice paper to develop reading habit & use suitable word in the blanks.
  4. English skits and dialogues are also prepared in the Equip programme. Students are motivated to deliver a speech or thought or an article in English during morning assembly. A nice result is being observed by the school.
  5. Students are given demo lessons to write formal, informal letter and diary entry. It is noticed by the teachers that students are doing well in these writing skills.
  6. All the students are encouraged to recite the stanza of a poem with proper rhyme & rhythm and intonation. They are also told about the rhyme scheme of a poem. Fruitful results are observed by the teacher after completion of his work.
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