Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) refers to a system of school-based evaluation of students that covers all aspects of a students’ development. It is a developmental process of a child which emphasizes on two fold objectives. These objectives are continuity in evaluation on one hand and assessment of broad based learning and behavioural outcomes on the other.

We are conducting following activities and using Evaluation tool under CCE :-

1.            Scholastic Areas :-

        I.            Formative assessment  I  and II [ pen paper Test]

      II.            Formative assessment  III  and IV [ conduct various activities, project, quiz, seminar etc ]

    III.            Summative Assessment I and II

2.             Co- Scholastic Areas :-

                                                            I.            Creative and literary  Skill

                                                          II.            Organizational and   Leadership Quality

                                                        III.            Scientific skill

                                                       IV.            Information and communication Technology

                                                         V.            Life skill

                                                       VI.            Work education

                                                     VII.            Visual and Performing Art

                                                   VIII.            Attitude

                                                        IX.            Values

                                                          X.            Sport

                                                        XI.            Scout /Guide

                                                      XII.            Yoga

                                                    XIII.            Shramdan / Gardening

                                                   XIV.            Athletics

                                                     XV.            Sports

                                                   XVI.            Gymnastic

                                                 XVII.            First Aid

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